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With the cold winds starting to blow, most of you would’ve already turned the radiator up to maximum and dived right back under those blankets.

Of course, you’d want to keep yourself warm and cosy during these chilly winter months. However, that could leave you with a monstrous heating bill, particularly if you don’t keep an eye on how much energy you’re using.

Now, you might have installed one of the most efficient heating systems in your house; but the energy consumed will rely on various factors – most of which can be controlled by you.

If you want to learn how to keep your heating expenses to a bare minimum without freezing yourself, take a look at these simple tips! This way, you’ll be able to heat your home without going overboard.

Set the Right Temperature

No two rooms in your house are the same. 

Be it your kitchen, living room or bedroom, all of them are used for a different purpose. This way, it’ll make more sense to set the temperature accordingly.

By doing so, not only are you optimising the effectiveness of your heating, but also maintaining a toasty environment throughout the day and the night.

That being said, bear in mind that it isn’t always necessary to maintain the temperature, especially when you aren’t using the room. It is advised not to switch off the heating system during the day when nobody’s at home. Although you can certainly set it at a much lower temperature in order to save yourself some money. Ideally, reducing the temperature by just a degree can help you save up to 6% on your heating bill.

Have Proper Ventilation in Place

You could be losing hundreds or thousands of pounds on your energy bills by keeping the windows of your room open for a longer time, letting the heat to escape.

Keeping your windows open for even 10 minutes can cost you dearly as it increases your energy consumption. It should come as no surprise that if your windows are left open for a long time the hot air within the house escapes. This forces your radiator to consume more energy than what’s actually required to restore comfortable temperatures.

That being said, ensure that you leave your windows open for no more than 10 minutes during spring and autumn. During winter, 4 to 6 minutes will suffice when the temperature outside is lower than usual.

Moreover, having proper ventilation will greatly help cut down on your bills. It will not only enhance your home’s air quality, but also make you more comfortable. What’s more, you can get rid of mould while ensuring that there aren’t any undesirable surprises in your next bill.

Get Your Radiators Cleaned Regularly

It is essential to clean your radiators on a regular basis and get rid of any dust settling on it. This could cost you a few extra pounds on your heating bill because of its insulating effect.

Typically, we tend to focus more on getting our carpets, cabinets and tables cleaned while completely forgetting radiators – particularly when they aren’t being used during those hot summer days.

However, taking out some time and cleaning the radiators using a damp cloth can help you improve its efficiency as well as ensure its longevity. Also, apart from helping you save on your heating bills, a spotless radiator helps maintain a greener environment.

Get Your Boiler Serviced Regularly

The best method to maintain the efficiency of your heating systems is to get that boiler serviced by our heating engineer every year. Though this is often recommended for your safety and to keep that warranty valid, getting your boiler serviced also helps keep the running expenses low.

During your service, our Gas Safe Engineers will clean and replace the components that are worn out. They’ll also guide you through the optimum operating settings. This will help you keep your heating system as economical and efficient as possible. Eventually, you’ll be saving money on your heating bills greatly

If you’ve been meaning to get your boiler serviced, then get in touch with us today. 

At Hunsbury Heating, we boast a team of qualified and accredited heating engineers. They’ll get your issues solved and guide you through the entire service process.