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How Can I Improve my Radiators’ Efficiency?

Why do my radiators take so long to warm up?

How can I keep my house warmer for longer?

These are common questions at Hunsbury Heating. This week’s guide will give you some of our top tips for making sure your home is more energy efficient, hopefully saving you money and keeping your family warmer!

1. Have Your System Powerflushed

This is up there with our top tips as it’s not only going to help your radiators, it’s going to improve the life span of your boiler too. 

As you use your heating over months and years, grime builds up in your system which not only negatively affects your radiators, but will eventually lead to a boiler breakdown.

Put simply, a powerflush is a chemical solution that will cleanse your heating system from the inside out. 

You may want to consider a powerflush if any of these are a problem for you: 

  • My radiators are noisy
  • My boiler is noisy
  • My radiators are leaking
  • My boiler constantly needs restarting
  • My tap water is cloudy
  • My radiators aren’t warming up

2. Look at Getting New Radiators

Probably not the advice you want to hear, but how old are your radiators? Like all appliances, your radiators will deteriorate over time. Unless you’ve had them replaced recently, new radiators are the surest way to give your heating system a much needed boost.

Additionally, newer models are far more efficient, meaning they’re likely to be better than your originals were in the first place. Not the cheapest option, but a great excuse to keep your home warmer if you’re looking to redecorate. 

  1. Fit Some Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s)

Something that most of us take for granted is the ability to control the temperature of our own radiators. With TRV’s you’ll be able to set your ideal temperature by room. Not only will you be able to increase your energy efficiency but solve all the arguments about what room should be what temperature!

  1. Have Your Radiators Checked by a Professional

No prizes for guessing who we’d suggest to check over your radiators (it’s us, obviously!). If you’re having persistent issues with your radiators, your best bet is to have a professional come and take a look. The problem could be a simple 10 minute job or a more complicated issue. Ultimately though, you’ll want to know you’re in the hands of qualified professionals.

If you’re having issues with your heating or radiators, make sure to give our friendly, reliable team here at Hunsbury Heating a call on 07919 008441, now.