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How to take care of your boiler this winter?

There’s nothing worse than waking up on a chilly winter morning, getting into the shower and realising the hot water isn’t working. We’ve all been there at some point and its something that we could absolutely do without. 

We’re lucky to have rather mild weather for the most part in the UK. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t prepare for the cold spells when winter is at its peak and the temperatures drop below freezing point. Such cold temperatures can last for a couple of days and at times a couple of weeks. When this happens, you’ll want to be prepared to stay warm and comfortable and this is where your boiler comes in!

Before the cold winds start blowing, you’ll have to make sure that your boiler is up and ready to blast out warm air efficiently. At Hunsbury Heating, we’ll tell you exactly how you can stay ahead of the frigid temperatures while ensuring that your boiler is ready to beat the cold!

Let’s take a look at how you can care for your boiler this winter!

Regular Inspection and Servicing

Ensure that you get your boiler serviced thoroughly by a registered heating engineer. The engineer will not only clean all the components but also assess the boiler room logs. Your engineer will be able to give you a detailed report on the condition of various components. In case any parts are worn out and need replacing, the engineer will take care of it before it can become too risky. This will not only optimise the performance of your boiler but also make it safe again.

Additionally, servicing your boiler will ensure that it’s in top-notch condition making it as efficient as ever. If your boiler is old, it’ll be best to have it serviced every few months.

Test Your Boiler and Switch It On

If the boiler is not switched on regularly, it can seize up when you need it the most. True, you’ll be reluctant to do this when the temperature is warm and comfortable not to mention, you’ll want to save on your energy bill. However, you’ll find that switching the boiler on every now and then will prove to be cost-effective in the long run. Doing this will ensure that your heating is working perfectly well by keeping the pump free of any debris. 

In the summers, turning the boiler on will perhaps be the last thing on your mind. Although, it shouldn’t stop you from running it a couple of times throughout the year. This way you’ll know that the system is in perfect working condition. 

Bleed Your Radiators

It is common for air to collect and get trapped inside the heating system. The air bubbles tend to rise in the central heating system and gather at the top of the radiator. This makes the radiators, cooler at the bottom which is a sign of air being trapped in the system. For the heating to work properly again, the trapped air has to be released. You’ll need the radiator key to bleed it out. Once you do this, it’ll ensure proper heating temperatures that can keep you and your family comfortable. It will also improve the overall efficiency of your system.

Boiler Ventilation

Boilers have to be ventilated properly. If they’re installed inside a closet, avoid storing shoes and clothes in the same place. Having a regular flow of air is essential. Engineers at Hunbury Heating will inform you if your boiler has sufficient ventilation or if it needs more airflow. 

Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

When the temperatures drop below freezing point, the external condensate pipe might be at risk of freezing. If this happens, your boiler will stop working when you need it the most. In order to avoid this, keep the heat on low, when temperatures are extreme. However, if the pipes do freeze, call in a heating engineer to fix this and in the meantime, you can either place a hot water bottle over the frozen pipe or pour hot water over it.

Employ these tips and you’ll be more than prepared for the cold weather. 

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