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As a homeowner, maintaining your home becomes a priority to continue living comfortably. When you are on top of your home maintenance, you can easily avoid any water damage from happening. Water damage is one of the most common issues in homes, so it will do you well to keep an eye out and avoid costly repairs not to mention, hefty water loss as well. 

This is where the entire plumbing system of your home comes under the radar. You need to ensure that everything is working as it’s supposed to. Quite often, we tend to take indoor plumbing for granted and when something happens, we bear the brunt of the costly repair bills.

In this piece, let’s take a look at some ways to avoid water damage in your home due to damaged plumbing and fixtures. 

1. Ensure Proper Drainage

This is perhaps the first step in averting any damage caused by heavy downpours. A weak drainage system can diminish your home’s substructure resulting in the formation of cracks in the concrete foundation. This can further cause pooling of water along with uneven settling making ways for water to seep into your home. 

2. Conduct Routine Appliance Check

Checking if all your appliances are up and running should be an important part of your home maintenance checklist. It’s a good way to discover any hidden water leaks that you may not have noticed before. Faulty and broken appliances with leakages constitute a major part of claims related to water damage. 

3. Upgrade Your Washing Machines and Hoses

Perhaps one of the most common and frequent causes of water damage is leaks in washing machines. To prevent these leaks, replace the hoses once every five years and additionally, you can consider using a flood safe hose. To avoid a mess and costly repairs, replace your hoses regularly. If the hose of your washing machine is old, bent, leaky and crimped, consider getting an immediate replacement.

4. Fix Your Toilet

Toilets are where all the major plumbing systems congregate and that significantly increases the chances of water damage. If your home has an upstairs toilet that tends to flood, then you risk damaging your ceiling. The resulting repair work will be enough to burn a hole in your pocket. Ensure that you carry out the necessary repairs as and when they surface before it gets worse. It’s annoying when the toilet doesn’t flush properly but a toilet that floods every now and then is simply unacceptable. 

Check the water supply, the vale and the flapper and while you’re at it, take a look inside the tank itself. Don’t attempt a DIY and call for professional help. 

5. Check Your Pipes

When it comes to the pipes in your home always keep an eye and an ear out. In the colder freezing of pipes is quite likely and this can pave way for several other problems. If a pipe bursts, it can cause considerable water damage in your home which is why conducting regular inspections can help avoid serious issues. Look out for clogs, blockages and odd noises emanating from the pipes. Call an expert plumber from Hunsbury Heating to fix the issue. 

6. Check the Faucets, Hoses and the Sinks

Check the faucets, hoses and the sinks in your home for leaks on a regular basis. Don’t forget to look below the cabinets while keeping an eye out for any water stains. Use waterproof silicone caulking to block leaks before they become a huge problem. 

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