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It seems like plumbers and heating engineers are synonymous with each other for most of us. In case of an emergency, for instance, say a boiler breakdown, who would you call?  

Because the roles of a plumber and a heating engineer appear to be somewhat similar, it’s not surprising that we tend to confuse the two.  Now because your boiler seems to be connected to a lot of water pipes, calling in a plumber seems like the obvious choice.

The answer, NO.

If you wish to learn how to tell one from the other with absolute certainty, read along and we promise you’ll be able to do it with finesse.

Gas Safe Registered Engineer

In case of a boiler breakdown, you’ll have to get in touch with a Gas Safe Registered engineer as the functioning of a boiler involves working with gas. So, by law, only Gas Safe engineers can repair a gas boiler. Since gas poses a safety hazard, it is an industry that’s highly regulated with high safety standards to ensure relevant and safe service. So, if you notice a repair in the house that concerns a boiler or any gas appliance, get in touch with an engineer who’s Gas Safe registered.


Plumbers deal with issues related to the water pipes, the drainage system, dripping taps, and installation, repair and maintenance of dishwashers and sinks. While plumbers do have certain qualifications, they don’t need to prove that they’re qualified to get a job done. This means, almost anyone with fair plumbing knowledge can refer to themselves as a plumber. 

While plumbers can be highly experienced in dealing with leaky pipes and taps, they aren’t necessarily certified to work on gas boilers. Although some plumbers can be Gas Safe registered. If you come across a plumber who also offers gas heating related services, check the Gas Safe register to see if they have the necessary permit to work with gas appliances.

Heating Engineers

Heating engineers are specialists who work on domestic and commercial heating exclusively and not across the broader industry. This is why you might want to call a heating engineer for issues related to both gas and plumbing as they have the necessary expertise and qualification. 

Regardless, you have to make sure that your heating engineer is Gas Safe registered before they work on your boiler or other gas appliances in your home. Heating engineers are somewhat the whole package as they work with a whole breadth of services ranging from installation and maintenance to repairs and monitoring among other things. 

At Hunsbury Heating, we house a team of installers, plumbers and heating engineers with proper accreditations and qualifications. Our team has proficient product knowledge which is reflected in the repairs and services we provide. 

Call us on  07919 008441 for any gas and plumbing queries you may have and we’ll guide you through it every step of the way. 

With us, you can enjoy easy and quick installation and repairs with Gas Safe registered engineers who have extensive industry experience.