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When it comes to fitting a new bathroom, as you may imagine, costs can vary wildly. At Hunsbury Heating, we’re able to work with and fit bathrooms at every end of the scale, whether it’s a small sink fit or a full, family bathroom remodel. 

Bear in mind that your new bathroom shouldn’t have to break the bank. Making sure you know what you want, and what to look out, is the difference when trying to minimise costs. Here’s our ideas for how to breathe fresh life into your new bathroom, at a price you’ll be pleased with.

  1. Make a Plan

Like all things, if you’re not prepared, you may fall into unnecessary difficulties. If you’re looking at upgrading your bathroom, make sure you know what you want to achieve before starting work. Even creating a very rough budget will give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself in to.

Baths are often sold separately to a bathroom suite, so doing your homework could save you some unexpected costs. Are taps included? Are you planning on new fittings, or tiling as well? What style are you looking at. Whilst we can help and advise you, it’s very handy to have an indication ahead of time!


  1. Start With Your Bath and / or Shower

Like most homeware, baths come in all shapes, sizes, prices and styles and the price tag can vary just as much. But whether you’re looking at a very affordable £80 bath or a luxurious tub in the £1,000’s, make sure you know what you’re getting, as well as the pros and cons. 

Whilst a cheaper, acrylic bath may keep your water warmer longer, we’d generally recommend upgrading to a more durable steel bath, as it will last much better. You should be able to pick one up for as little as £120 and you’ll notice the difference long term. Also be aware you may have to purchase the bath frame and panels separately, so it’s worth budgeting in advance.

Like baths, showers have a similarly varied price range, generally starting from around £50. If you’re looking at efficiency and cost, you may want to consider an electric shower, or a bath / shower mixer – followed by manual shower mixers. 

If shower performance is more your thing, you’ll probably be looking at a power shower, which starts in the region of £200. Whatever shower you decide on, they don’t generally include the showering area, so you’ll need to look at side panelling, a door and shower tray, which is likely to cost a couple of hundred pounds.


  1. Picking Out the Right Sink

Although there are plenty of weird and wonderful designs for your sink, generally you’ll find your options are far more limited. You’ll need to decide whether you’re looking for a ceramic pedestal sink, starting from around £50 or semi-pedestal / wall hung sink from £60. 

Alternatively you could have your sink on top of a vanity unit, allowing you some more bathroom storage space. A vanity can cost upwards of £100, so you’ll have to invest some more money into your bathroom, but it may be worth it for the increased space or if it fits your bathroom design.

It’s highly unlikely taps will be included in your sink, so make sure to factor them into your budget. Depending on your taste, you’ll likely find standard pillar taps from £30 each, which separate hot and cold. Mixer taps are often a bit pricier with those with a single lever for temperature control topping the list for most expensive.

  1. Additional Extras

If you’ve created a robust budget plan for your new bathroom suite, you may have some cash left over for some treats, such as tower rails and new lighting.

However you decide to decorate your new bathroom, it’s vital you don’t forget to budget for labour, including plumbing and tiling. When it comes to fitting, whilst you’ll find some traders who’ll offer the world at a low price, you’re better off using a trusted, verified expert like Hunsbury Heating. If you’re handy with smaller jobs, it wouldn’t hurt to lend a helping hand, but generally the larger jobs are better left to the experts. 

Don’t be left disappointed by your new bathroom and call Hunsbury Heating on 07919 008441 for your free, no obligation bathroom quote. We’ve fitted dozens of bathrooms across Northamptonshire and have thousands of delighted customers covering bathrooms, plumbing and gas heating.