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As a landlord it’s vital you understand your responsibilities. Your duty of care not only covers your tenants’ wellbeing but also a number of legal requirements for their safety. Whilst we know there’s a lot of red tape around being a private landlord, the one element you absolutely don’t want to overlook is your landlord gas safety certificate, also known as a CP12. 

Although you may not be too bothered by the particulars, we understand how crucial it is that you work with a Gas Safe Registered company who can offer a flexible, professional service at a price that won’t make you wince. 

Additionally, you’ll need to know your chosen gas engineers cover all the legal requirements. Your annual CP12 is not something you want to take any risks with and is compulsory for all UK landlords. Essentially, it’s like a car’s MOT test, only rather than a car, it’s for your property’s boiler and gas appliances. Our Landlord Gas Safety Check covers roughly all the same points as a homeowner’s boiler service, except as a landlord it’s a legal must.

What to Know About Your CP12 / Gas Safety Certificate

  • Your check needs to be carried out annually, no if’s, no buts. Additionally, you need one carried out within 12 months of installing a new gas appliance (such as a boiler). Failure to do so could lead to insurance invalidation, a fine up to £6,000 or even 6 months in prison.
  • Your CP12 needs to be conducted by a Gas Safe Registered engineer like Hunsbury Heating. This ensures that you’re not only getting the highest level of surface, but also means you’re working within the law. 
  • Your gas safety certificate may be handled by your letting agent. Many letting agents have existing relationships with gas safety engineers, so it’s possible they may sort it on your behalf. It’s important to have this conversation ahead of time to make sure they’re keeping on top of it.
  • The check covers all gas appliances in your property. From your boiler to gas fireplace and even flue and pipework, this ensures they all meet a minimum requirement and are safe to be used by your tenants. 
  • Make sure to hold on to your CP12 certificate for at least 2 years after the check. You should have a copy with your tenants within 28 days of the certificate being issued and copies should also be presented to new tenants. 


What To Look For In a Heating Company

Whether you have a wide property portfolio or a single property you let to a friend, here’s what you should look for from your chosen heating company.

  • We’ve said it before, but they need to be Gas Safe Registered
  • You should be able to request a digital copy of your CP12
  • Your chosen company should be easy to get hold of, whenever you need them (within reason!)
  • You should always receive a fixed price quote before going ahead with any work
  • Your engineer should be fully qualified (feel free to ask to see their Gas Safe Registration)
  • Your company should have availability to carry out other repairs for you when necessary


In case it wasn’t obvious, at Hunsbury Heating we tick all the boxes above!

Whether you have a Gas Safe Certificate deadline looming or are simply looking to establish a relationship with a reliable, experienced and reasonably priced heating company, Hunsbury Heating are here to help. Why not give us a call on 07919 008441.