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When it comes to household appliances, boilers are the king, especially in the winter months. Studies suggest that fuel-based boilers account for nearly 60% of your bills. This is why it’s important to ensure that your boiler is in top-notch condition and is working as efficiently as possible. If you detect a drop in its efficiency, it’s time to get a new boiler!

Installing a brand new boiler in your home has plenty of benefits. It not only adds to the value of your property but also improves its energy efficiency by producing energy with less fuel. What’s more, it can also help you adopt an approach that’s more environmentally-friendly while catering to your heating needs. 

Additionally, new boilers rank high on the efficiency scale as they have better functionality compared to boilers that were manufactured and installed a decade ago. In all this time, temperature control systems have developed considerably making it easy for you to decide which part of your house needs more heating.

This means you’ll consume less gas by replacing your old boiler with a new one.

If you’re still confused, as to why you should install a new boiler, read along. We’ve compiled a list of reasons that’ll help make your decision easier. 

Increase the Saleable Value of Your Home

By getting rid of your old, unreliable boiler that’s not energy efficient and replacing it with a new one, you automatically add to the marketable value of your home. In case you move out and decide to sell your house, you can benefit from the increase in the price of your property. What’s more new boilers are comparatively more reliable and efficient in their operation.

Enhanced Efficiency

Appliances these days come along with efficiency ratings. New boilers are often available with an ‘A’ rating which is proof of their superior efficiency levels. Additionally, improved energy efficiency means reduced energy bills.

Savings on Energy Bills

New boilers that are efficient can help you save money on your bills and in the long run, this amount will be significant. So while the amount you’ll have to spend on your new boiler might be a little overwhelming, the benefits in return make it a worthy investment. 

Compact and Quiet

Boilers that were ridiculously large not to mention noisy are a thing of the past. On the other hand, several models of the new boilers are designed to be quieter and a lot smaller. This makes it easy for them to be installed out of sight and out of the way not to mention these will be great in case you’re compromised on space. 

And that’s a wrap. 

Brand new boilers are a better option over old boilers any day and given the range of models available out there, you’ll be able to choose one that suits your requirements perfectly. 

That said, at Hunsbury Heating we offer boiler installation, repairs and servicing across Northampton and surrounding areas. We have a team of Gas Safe registered Heating Engineers who’re extremely professional in their approach and have abundant industry experience. 

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